Monday, September 24, 2012

Jeffrey Fulvimari live painting at Ebisu Mitsukoshi

Jeffrey Fulvimari in Tokyo
CWC artist, Jeffrey Fulvimari is here in Japan for special signing and live painting events! Jeffrey has many fans here in Japan who love his artwork and collect his fine leather goods and housewares! 

Jeffrey and me at the signing and live painting.

Yesterday Jeffrey had a live painting session at Ebisu Mitsukoshi. All of the people attendance marveled at Jeffrey's process and painting. He did a special painting with a cute woman in a rainstorm.
The artist palette

Jeffrey at work!

Jeffrey's beautiful painting.
You can purchase Jeffrey's goods from the Junie Moon international online shopping site! *HERE*

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Salon de Junie Moon- Sandy Sleepover Workshop

Salon de Junie Moon hosted the first workshop by Sandy, with the theme "Sleepover"!

Their design style is vintage and retro with a sweet twist. The workshop guests made beautiful nighty sets for Blythe.

SANDY brought along her own props for the photo session after the workshop and the students took turns photographing their Blythe. It was a fun slumber party time!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Salon de Junie Moon- Odani Miyuki Poodle Skirt

Salon de Junie Moon hosted another wonderful and whimsical workshop with Miyuki Odani. The Blythe fan had a lovely time making these sweet poodle skirts. The pompom embellishments  and little flower buttons bring cute and kitschy fun to their skirts.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Red Delicious at Salon de Junie Moon

The staff at Salon de Junie Moon made cute display areas with Red Delicious. People attending the workshops can take photos in the display!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Salon de Junie Moon Workshop: Hanon Handmade Shoes

Japanese doll artist Hanon hosted a special workshop at Salon de Junie Moon to make unique handmade shoes for Blythe! Everyone is ready to update their fall wardrobe with new shoes, so how about a pair for your Blythe? 

Check out the detailed process photos, from the workshop. The mini craftsmanship is stellar! These versatile shoes have fringe and all. There are so many ways to wear them. 

We wish you were here!

Salon de Junie Moon- Saki Yamashita "Nekoron" Workshop

Charisma Japanese doll artist Saki Yamashita, hosted another fun workshop at Salon de Junie Moon! This time she featured her cute cat character named Nekoron! Neko is Japanese for cat, and she wears a cute little apron. Put those two words together and that's her name, Nekoron. 

Fans from around Japan came for this very special limited workshop. Some came as far as Tokyo! Everyone loves to be a part of the Dreamy World of Saki Yamashita.

Thank you again to Saki san for her kind teaching and thank you to all who attended! Everyone did a wonderful job. Look at all of these cute kitties!