Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blythe at Umeda Hankyu Department Store

The Umeda Hankyu Department Store underwent a major renovation and renewal open.  And who do you think is there to make the celebration more than special?  Blythe of course. She is there to raise money for charity and to welcome the Kansai fans with great embrace.

The show is up only for one week. So hurry if you are in the area. Come and see the beautiful new Hankyu store and Blythe.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ouioui Beret Workshop at Salon de Junie Moon

 Japanese artist ouioui hosted a beret making workshop at Salon de Junie Moon. 
Participants used thick yarn to make adorable woven hats. They went on to personalize their berets with cute charms and accents. 

The photos were taken with the Salon Photo Booth, which is a big hit in Osaka! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Guest Post from Isaiah Child: Behind Ayanami Rei and Blythe


Essay by: Isaiah Child

            It isn’t uncommon for Anime fans to enjoy toy collecting as a side hobby. It’s thrilling and satisfying to see one’s favorite character in 3D. Statues and pose-able toys gives fans fresh data to work with, allowing them to let their imagination run wild. It quite literally adds a whole new dimension to the character. Toys like Revoltech and Figma are suited for dynamic action poses, while companies like Kaiyodo create statues that present a dynamic approach to a memorable scene, or proposing enticing “what-if” situations. However, most of these examples present a facsimile of the character from the original material, or a very specific alter-version. It wouldn’t make sense to actively want products that knock-off the character, unless of course that is what is interesting to the collector. What if two very distinct interests crossed over into a hybrid figure?  Would that product make sense thematically and aesthetically? Is this product from both realms, or is it turned into one, singular entity?

            Both Blythe and NGE have experienced similar trials and tribulations. As Blythe grew and coined the term “fashion doll,” more and more copycats were being produced with an identical motive. Dolls like Pullip and Odekochan vied reap the benefits of this new cultural niche. Blythe satisfied toy collectors that had an itch that could not be satisfied with conventional dress-up dolls. Barbie and Rika-chan, the previous queens of the doll world, had to learn to adapt to the new environment that Blythe pioneered. By giving full control to the consumers and encouraging customization, Blythe became more than just a doll; she became an entity. Blythe fans are an eclectic bunch. From one end of the spectrum to the other, the range of subcultures her fans are involved with is staggering. Blythe is the name of the doll, but not every Blythe doll they own is “Blythe.” She is not just a doll with an extra set of clothes, but a catalyst for fashion and style. To those who love her, she is an icon. She has a name, but with every set of clothing and every customized eye chip, she becomes a completely different entity from the last. She is Audrey Hepburn on her wildest escapades, she is Rihanna on stage with the strobe lights flickering, she is Kuriyama Chiaki with bloodlust in her eyes. If it weren’t for the fans, for their creativity and their camaraderie, Blythe would never have come this far. There is a reason why Blythe is doing so well more than 30 years after her first release.

After working on Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water for two years, NGE creator and director Anno Hideaki became increasingly depressed, unable to relate with his core audience, the so-called “otaku.” He considered their state of being as a sort of self-imposed autism, people who are intentionally unable to connect unless it is with material that enlivens their hedonistic world views. He created NGE as a sort of snare to catch them off guard, and to make them question their state of being. In order to do so, he needed bait.

            Ayanami Rei was a revolutionary character. Her seemingly cold exterior would be widely imitated and caricatured for a decade after, becoming firmly ingrained in pop culture. She could be described as stoic, unfeeling, or even “doll-like,” although the last description is specifically contested by Ayanami Rei. Anno Hideaki describes her central theme to be “Thanatos”, or the desire for death. She is a clone of Ikari Shinji’s mother who has despairingly accepted her disposable nature. There are hundreds of others just like her floating in a tank who could replace her at a moments notice. Without a second thought, she will selflessly sacrifice herself if the lives of her friends are at stake. Although she is absolutely terrified of being expendable, she considers this to be her best method to connect with others, especially Ikari Shinji.

            The gap between her calm exterior and passionate, hard-working character gripped the hearts of her first fans and didn’t let go. As speculation and imaginations ran wild as to who she actually was, how she thought and felt, the character called Ayanami Rei seemed to lift herself out of the screen and become the entity called Ayanami Rei. She was obsessed over and talked about, customized and affecting each person who she came in contact with. Many characters have been based on her in tribute, parody, or just plain copying. She became a muse, a goddess, and the dream girl of many adolescent boys and girls of that decade. She was a role model showing the will to protect, to connect, to change -- an icon for those with a cry for help hidden in their chest.

            Fans of both Blythe and Ayanami share a trait: they both want their voices to be heard. Their love of their icon fuels their creativity, whether it’s to create a new pattern for a Lolita dress for Blythe, or to build garage kit’s of Ayanami in the entry plug of EVA Unit 00. They want their love to be seen, and to be able to have conversations with their comrades. They want to share and to spread the word. People can say that Blythe in Ayanami Rei’s plug suit or the Revoltech Ayanami Rei, is a collaborative product simply meant to create another doll and exploit the name of the Evangelion franchise. Her fans understand though, that this is more than just a cross-over product, but a rare moment when two worlds overlap to create a single entity. That she is both Blythe and Ayanami Rei at the same time. 

The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of CWC, Junie Moon or


Essay by: Isaiah Child
エッセイ:アイゼイア チャイルド/翻訳: 神宮寺愛



The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of CWC, Junie Moon or

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chimachoco Workshop at Salon de Junie Moon

 Japanese artist, Chimachoco came to Salon de Junie Moon to have a special holiday workshop! With the changing seasons, winter is finally here in Japan.  The workshop members created one of a kind, seasonal mufflers to keep their Blythe dolls cozy. They are topped off with sweet hair accessories. 

These cute looks will surely stand out at the upcoming holiday parties!
Thank you to Chimachoco and all of the people who attended the workshop.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blythe Knows Interview: Slow Nimes

Q1、What kind of girl is Slow Nimes?
スローニームは どんな女の子?

A、No matter what the situation she is a girl that lives life a day at a
time.  She cherishes every hour of the day, every minute and every moment.
She likes to savor the foods she eats and walks slowly to see the beauty
around her.


Q2、Tell me about her fashion.
スローニームの ファッションについて
She is wearing a marine look for Fall.
It can also be a school uniform for a private school in the woods.
It's perfect for those long walks in nature watching busy squirrels collecting acorns to stash for the snowy
wintery days ahead. She has on an adorable navy blue cap with a gold button and red ribbons.
Her fashion keeps her warm in the chilly autumn air.

Q3、Slow Nimes has a philosophy on life that she sticks to.
What's your philosophy?

スローにムームは 自分のポリシーを しっかり持っていますが

A, Slow Nimes believes in the slow life. Take every day slow and easy.
I like that philosophy too but my life is completely different as every hour
is planned and scheduled and I take every day slow but fully.
Never a moment is wasted.

Q4、What are you into right now?  Organic food? Any lifestyle interests?


A、I am into organic food for sure. And also organic soaps and household
cleaning materials. It costs a little more than the ones at the supermarkets
but I feel better about everything when I use things that are not bad for
the earth. I am growing my own vegies too. Not yet perfect but its slowly
getting there. My basils, rucola, tomatoes and eggplants did okay! I also
have a lime tree that gave me a lot of limes. I also like to cook and bake.
And eat!

Q5、How do you play with Slow Nimes.


A, Slow Nimes is a "Fairest" mold. Which is rare. So I want to play with trying
to find a good look for her. Maybe perm her hair, and change her look and
personality by photographing her in a faster situation !


Purchase Neo Blythe Slow Nimes from the Junie Moon online shopping site-

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bringing Ayanami Rei to Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo screening

I went to see Evangelion with Ayanami Rei! The movie was fantastic especially since I got to see with Ayanami Rei. I will not disclose the story because Rei won't let me. But I was certainly shocked and surprised as the many twists and turns in that chapter. After this, i will post an essay by my son Isaac who turned me on to Evangelion in the first place. Coming soon! "Ayanami Rei Meet Blythe, an Essay" by Isaiah Child.

EvangelionをAyanami Reiと一生に見に行った!最高なアニメを楽しんだの,
特にアヤナミといったから。もちろん映画の内容は秘密.だってアヤナミレイが教えるなって言うんだから.でも、物語のショッキングが内容にはびっくりした.この次,私の次男のアイザック瓦解て,エヴァンゲリオン、のエッセイをブログにアップするね.この子のおかげで私はエヴァンゲリオンにであえたから。お楽しみに、"Ayanami Rei Meets Blythe, An Essay" by Isaiah Child.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Classical Christmas at Salon de Junie Moon

 We are ready for the holiday season here at Salon de Junie Moon! Our theme is "Classical Christmas". Our Middie Santa and Nutcracker kings welcome you to our winter wonderland. 

How will you decorate for the holidays? Share your photos on the Junie Moon facebook page!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Saki Yamashita's Dreamy Bunny Exhibition at Junie Moon

Usaron is a team of cuteness created by Saki Yamashita. Saki has also collaborated on a couple of Blythe dolls with CWC.  Baby's Breath is one that I love and hold in my collection.

She's having an exhibition at Junie Moon right this very minute and has really outdone her self with intricate details in her designs.  There are also three plush Usaron and friends displayed in the side window.  It is amazingly crafted and will be a collectors item for some lucky person.

CWC has worked with Saki Yamashita to make a line of Usaron goods!
Please check out Junie Moon online shopping
 for all of the Usaron Dreamy Bunny goods. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Q&A with Junko Wong about Ayanami Rei x Blythe Collaboration

Blythe Knows newsletter sat down with Blythe Creative Producer, Mrs. Junko Wong to talk about the upcoming collaboration with Evangelion and Blythe.


Q 1: あやなみれい みーつ ぶらいす-ほわいとらいと-」をつくろうとおもった きっかけをおしえてください。
What inspired you to collaborate with Evangelion to create the Ayanami Rei Meets Blythe - White Light doll?

A 1: エヴァンゲリオンはとても複雑で深い物語。

 The story of Evangelion is very complicated and deep. I was mesmerized
with the movie and had a lot of questions to take home after viewing
it with my son.  He of course was my translator throughout the film,
and it is not the language he needed to translate, but the plot, the
philosophy, the concept.  I wondered then, if we were to ever do a
collaboration with Blythe, how that would turn out. I would certainly
know more about the character and it would certainly be very different
from what we have ever done. It is a challenge and more than anything,
it would be historical. A real collectors item. So we decided to go
for it.

Q 2: エヴァンゲリオンのとうじょうじんぶつのなかで、なぜ あやなみれいをえらんだのですか?
Why did you select Ayanami Rei as the character from the series to be depicted as Blythe?

A 2: 彼女は映画の登場人物のなかで群を抜いて人気がありますから、彼女を選ぶことは大
 She is by far the most popular of the characters in the story and the most challenging to create.  She is also very much like a doll, silent, deep and yet extremely appealing. I thought if Blythe were to be a character in the story she would be like Ayanami Rei and if Ayanami Rei were to be a doll she would be Blythe. They are one.

Q 3:さぶたいとるの「-ほわいとらいと-」には、どんないみがありますか?
What does the subtitle "White Light" mean?

A 3: 私が綾波レイを見たときに、心のなかに響いた彼女のイメージを言葉にしたものです。このドールの原型モデルを撮影した数枚の写真を見てくださるとわかると思うのです
 It is just an emotional description of the character Ayanami Rei as I see her. If you see some of the photographs we have taken of the prototype of this doll, she shines, like a White Light.
Q 4: あやなみれいぶらいすの、かいはつで とくにちゅういした ことはありますか?
かみいろ? かみがた? すーつ? 
What did you take extra care in during the development of this doll?

A 4: もちろんこのコラボレーションは大変難しいことです。
It was extremely challenging to make her into Ayanami Rei yet, keep her essentially Blythe. The fashion is so futuristic, no frills or lace or charms.  But quite amazing once you understand her to be Ayanami Rei. Her hair color is blue and had to be dyed to match the color of the character.  The haircut is short and has a messy chaotic look to it. I loved taking pictures of her in places I would never take photos of my other Blythe girls. Definitely not in a flower garden. I took her up to a dormant volcano and shot her a science fiction looking plant called a Silver Sword. She certainly gives you new ideas to work with.

Q 5: めいくの ぽいんとはありますか? 
What about her make-up?
A 5: 彼女はメイクアップをしているように見えないようにしています。私がブライスをプ
She looks like she has hardly any makeup on. It reminds me of the
early days with dolls like Kozy Kape Inspired that had very little
make-up on and looked innocent and childlike. She is very photogenic
in the that way.

Q 6: あやなみれいぶらいすは えいがのなかの あやなみれいと ちがうところがありますか? 
Is Ayanami Rei Blythe different from the Ayanami Rei in the movie?

A 6: 違いは、あなた自分がこのドールと遊ぶことができ、
The difference is that you can play with her and take photos of her. And create your own science fiction images. I really had fun shooting her in the most modern places.

Q 7: ほかの ふぃぎゅあどーるでは できないけど、ぶらいすだからひょうげんしたかったこと、できることなどありますか?
What was possible  for Ayanami Rei with Blythe that is not possible with other figures?

A 7: ほかのフィギュアドールのように、ただ眺めるだけにとどまらないところですね。目
There is more to her than just a figure to look at. You can change her eye colors and utilize light to change her mood. You can pose her in different backgrounds and action poses as you choose. Nothing is set in stone. Blythe is flexible and fun and this time she is Ayanami Rei which will happen but only once in the history of Blythe.

A 8: エヴァファン、ブライスファンに あやなみれいぶらいすを
How do you want the Evangelion and Blythe fans to enjoy Blythe?

Q 8: 綾波レイがブライスになるという今回の企画、稀に見る、歴史に残るドールになるこ
Since this is the first time Ayanami Rei is going to be Blythe, this very rare doll, will be a keepsake for all that can acquire it. However, it will be difficult to get, so first the fun is actually trying to get one. Maybe it might be a bit frustrating but longing for it, and finding a way to get it always fun. Next, just to display is it enjoyable. But I would take it with me to the movies. Go see the show with her. Next, take photos of her. Put up those photos on Facebook and lets challenge each other to see who can get the wildest photo of Ayanami Rei Blythe.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Cat in the Hat" oui oui workshop

Japanese artist oui oui finished her workshop series for the Halloween season with a whimsical hat workshop! Guests created lovely top hats covered with fun Halloween motifs. Please enjoy these fun photos from the workshop. 

Thank you to oui oui san and all of the guests for attending!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Masquerade with oui oui!

This Halloween season we had a special workshop from Japanese artist oui oui! Salon de Junie Moon guests learned how to make adorable kitty masks for their Blythe dolls for Halloween! There were both Neo and Middie Blythe sized masks which was so fun for everyone. 

Which is your favorite? Classic black cat or sassy leopard? 

Everyone had a wonderful time at the workshop and had a great time adding mystery to their Blythe looks!