Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Junie Moon Premium Novelty Gift Campaign start

Junie Moon presents a limited premium gift for the first 10 customers on the international online shop who makes a purchase over 20,000yen. This gift giving campaign scheduled from June 23 to July 31 will give away a t-shirt with a hidden B in the design. This shirt will fit all 11" dolls including Neo. Only the first 10 customers with purchases over 20,000 yen will receive this gift.

Junie Moonでは限定ギフトとしてインターナショナルオンラインショッピングで2万円以上お買い上げの先着10名の方に特別なギフトをプレゼントしています。

The novelty gift campaign continues with new designs on t-shirts until December 31, 2012. One new design a month. Customers who have collected all 6 t-shirts will receive yet another special gift at the end of the 6 month campaign.


Here is the design for the first t-shirt!


For details on this special promotion, please check the Junie Moon international online shopping news page!

このキャンペーンについての詳細はJunie Moonのサイトまで!

Oui Oui workshop at Salon de Junie Moon

This past weekend Salon de Junie Moon held a workshop by Oui Oui making little head dresses for Blythe.
先週末にはサロンドジュニームーンでは、Oui Ouiさんのワークショップが行われました。ブライスのための小さなヘッドドレスをつくるワークショップです。

It is June and in Japan, which means it's rainy season and on almost every street corner grows a huge bush of hydrangea. Oui Oui decided to make a headdress drenched in sweet pink hydrangeas. The beautiful contrast of faux flowers and natural fibers gave the headdresses a refined look. They look lovely for any kind of styling, but with Summer quickly here, it would look amazing with yukata!

もう6月。そして日本では、梅雨の季節。どの街角にも大きなあじさいが咲いています。Oui Ouiさんは、今回のテーマをそんな雨の季節を楽しむためにピンクのあじさいにしました。自然な素材にあじさいの花がとても美しく映えてすてきなヘッドドレスに仕上がりました。どんな装いにも似合いそうですよね!もうすぐ夏になったら、ぜひ浴衣にもあわせてみてはどうかしら?

We are so happy to have such a wonderful group of students and teachers at Salon de Junie Moon. Everyone did an amazing job at the workshop and really showed their wonderful creativity!


For more information about future workshop at Salon de Junie Moon, please check our website! 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Salon de Junie Moon Opening Tea Party

July 16th will be the grand opening tea party for Salon de Junie Moon.  We are located in Osaka by Kyobashi station. The salon will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Our quaint space will hold workshops and will feature work by many different artists.  Some of the Junie Moon hosted exhibitions will travel to this space as well!

私たちのちょっと趣のあるスペースは、これからもワークショップを様々な先生方を迎えて行う予定です。代官山Junie Moonで行われている展覧会も巡回する予定もありますので、お楽しみに!!
This opening party and special salon is available only for Junie Moon members. Become a Junie Moon member at our shop in Daikanyama or by email.

オープニングパーティやサロンに来場するにはJunie Moon メンバーになるのが必須です。ぜひJunie Moonメンバーになってくださいね!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Salon de Junie Moon Open House- July 16th

We are pleased to announce the official grand opening of Salon de Junie Moon!

We will have a special open house on July 16th in Osaka. Reservations are required to attend. This exciting grand opening will feature games, prizes and special guest appearances! We will also have a small selection of rare dolls available for purchase.

Salon de Junie Moon is a special place where Blythe fans in the Kansai region can come together and share their love for Blythe. It's the Southern cultural hub for Blythe shopping, hobby, crafting workshops and learning skill sets to feed into your dolly lifestyle. 

Stay tuned for more information on registration for the Open House.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Salon de Junie Moon- Hanon Workshop

We recently had another wonderful workshop at Salon de Junie Moon in Osaka! This time everyone made sweet hats!

Hanon is a very popular doll fashion designer in Japan. This was the very first workshop at Salon de Junie Moon. Participants made little linen hats. She has a very popular following of fans, who have attended many of her previous workshops.

Salon de Junie Moon is an intimate space able to host 8 to 10 students at a time. This makes for a great learning environment for both the students and teacher! Hanon payed close attention to each person's hat and gave them guidance.

For more information on future workshops in Osaka and Tokyo, please check the Junie Moon news!