Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy 12th Anniversary Blythe!

It's June 23. Which marks Blythe's 12th anniversary. And soon, the anniversary doll will make her debut and into the hands of some very lucky fans.

Allie Gabrielle is special to me because of many reasons. One reason is that the dress she is wearing was one that I had made for another of my dolls 2 years ago. And now, our anniversary girl has it on for everyone to enjoy. I love the jacket.  It is an ode to Michael. And you know who that is.

Reason number two, is that Allie has velvety skin. Yes, we thought we would never be able to make that happen again, because of a lot of challenges in production but she has the highly coveted matte skin.  The last time we did that was in 2009. But the factory had a very difficult time with it and we had to abandon the idea.... till now! I hope everyone will be happy with her gorgeous skin. I am.

Reason number three, is her hair! Soft, soft, soft and a completely new pinkblonde. I write it as as one word because the hair is blonde with a tint of pink that has no words to describe.

Reason number four, is that she is beautiful and her story is filled with hope and love and everything we need to stay positive in this world.  I love the package design, too!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blythe Knows Q & A: Neo Blythe "Wendy Weekender"

Q1. うぇんでぃは どんなせいかくのこですか?
A2. きゃりーぴゃむぴゃむのようにお茶目な性格で、元気がいい子。

Q1. What kind of personality does Wendy Weekender have?
A2. She is very similar to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and is very artistic and fun! She is quirky and cute and loves strange stories from around the world.

Q2.うぇんでぃの ちゃーむぽいんとは どこですか?
A2. ファッションも髪の毛の色も気分次第で変えるのが大好きな子なので、

Q2. What are her charm points? Is it her mint green hair color ? Her fashion?
A2. Wendy changes her hair color according to her whims. So yes, it is part of her charm but so is her fashion. Especially the cat character on her t-shirt wearing the same heart sunglasses as she is.

Q3. Tシャツやパッケージにもでている「ネコののきゃらくたー」は

A3. ネコちゃんはウエンディ自身なんです。とっても似ているでしょう!

Q3. Tell us more about this cat!
A3. It's her alter ego. Don't they look alike?

Q4.うぇんでぃは ほかに どんなふぁっしょんが にあうとおもいますか?
A4. 意外とフリルがついたお嬢様のようなドレスが似合うと思っているんです。

Q4. What other types of fashion do you think she will look good in?
A4.I think she will look very nicely in a sweet dress with peter pan collars.Or maybe dressed up like Heidi with an apron.

Q5. じゅんこさんだったら うぇんでぃと どんなあそびをしたいですか?
A5. 音楽を聞きながら、手をつないで一緒に踊りたいです!

Q5.In what ways will you play with Wendy?
A5. Well, I would do something fun like dance with her to music. Hold her hand and dance around the room. Sounds funny but you try it!  I have fun doing it!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Fan Tea Party at Salon de Junie Moon Osaka

This weekend we had a lovely celebration of happy Blythe lovers in Salon de Junie Moon, Osaka. The fans dressed their dolls in their favorite theme, Alice in Wonderland. We all had some tea and cake and a nice conversation. Here we are all together having a relaxing time!


We hope to have this chance again!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sneak Peek of the 12th Anniversary Neo Blythe Allie Gabrielle

We've been getting a lot of inquiries about this gorgeous girl gracing the cover of the recent clear file and Blythe stationary goods.  Yes, it's true, she is the 12th anniversary Blythe due to come out in fall this year.  There are a few very special details about her that will be revealed in my next blog entry. She will also be the cover of the 2014 schedule book, and will be featured doll for June in the 2014 wall and desktop calendar.

One small detail. Her name is Allie Gabrielle and there will be only 2013 dolls made in all! A very special girl indeed!