Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Collaboration HbG x Blythe

 Exclusive HbG x Blythe doll carry bag

We are in the mist of Spring in Japan, and that means time for new accessories! 
I'm so excited to share the new collaboration HbG x Blythe. We worked closely with Japanese handbag brand HbG to make these fun and fashionable bags.

HbG is well known around Japan for being very fashionable and functional. They are made of a special PVC which is great for rainy season. The inside of the bag has beautiful lining and each are so very well made. 

For the Blythe collaboration, there is a special bag charm of 3 different Blythe dolls: Border Spirit, Ten Happy or Tart and Tea.  HbG even made an exclusive doll carrying bag. It's a great way to take your Blythe with you where ever you go, and keep them protected in style!

We will have the HbG x Blythe collaboration bags and wallets available at Junie Moon from April 27. 

Find out more about this collaboration at the Junie Moon blog: 

Visit HbG 's official website-

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Afterglow by Silver Butterfly at Junie Moon

 Junie Moon was happy to host the Afterglow exhibition by Silver Butterfly. 
These beautiful custom Blythe are gorgeous and lovely. Each doll's clothing is handmade by the artist. 

Please enjoy this trip to Junie Moon! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring at Salon de Junie Moon

Spring has sprung in Japan, and we just enjoyed some cherry blossom festivals! Our newest Middie Blythe Nellie Nibbles was released to celebrate the Spring holidays. 

We had a special party at Salon de Junie Moon to show our new Spring display! 

Please enjoy these photos!  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Blythe Knows Q & A: Middie Blythe Nellie Nibbles

Q1: What kind of girl is Nellie Nibbles? 
  ねりーにぶるすは どんなせいかくのこですか?

A1:  Nellie Nibbles loves to eat! She is always nibbling on something, pretty much all day long.  But because she is a vegetarian, she never gains weight. She eats smart, mostly carrots but she also loves broccoli.

Q2: What is the meaning behind her name?
      ねりーにぶるすの なまえの ゆらい(なまえのいみ)をおしえてください。

A2: Nellie is a cute name for cute girls! A bit English I think. Like the other very famous bunny we all love, Nellie is also English! Nibbles means to munch on things a little at a time. She is a dainty eater.

Q3: Is Nellie Nibbles friends with Melomelomew and Meowsy Wowsy?                   ねりーにぶるすは、めろめろみゅ~や、みゃうじーわうじーと おともだちですか?

A3: Yes, of course they are friends! But they don't really live in the same neighborhood.  It's Nellie that comes to visit them from time to time. Usually in the spring, with a basket full of spring veggies and colored chocolate eggs.

Q4: How do you play with Blythe dressed as animals?     
      きぐるみのこたちの あそびかたを おしえてください。

A4: It's adorable to play with Blythe as a bunny or a kitty. They are soft all over and very hug-able. Spring is the perfect time to take them out to the flower fields for a walk or a cup of tea at an outdoor cafe.

Q5: If you were to make another outfit for Nellie what would it be?   

A5: I would make something for her to wear over her furry body. Since it's spring, an apron and a bonnet, or an overall and a straw hat with flowers everywhere. In the winter I would knit her a sweater.

Middie Blythe "Nellie Nibbles" will be available for preorder from Junie Moon international online shopping from April 5th!