Monday, April 1, 2013

Blythe Knows Q & A: Middie Blythe Nellie Nibbles

Q1: What kind of girl is Nellie Nibbles? 
  ねりーにぶるすは どんなせいかくのこですか?

A1:  Nellie Nibbles loves to eat! She is always nibbling on something, pretty much all day long.  But because she is a vegetarian, she never gains weight. She eats smart, mostly carrots but she also loves broccoli.

Q2: What is the meaning behind her name?
      ねりーにぶるすの なまえの ゆらい(なまえのいみ)をおしえてください。

A2: Nellie is a cute name for cute girls! A bit English I think. Like the other very famous bunny we all love, Nellie is also English! Nibbles means to munch on things a little at a time. She is a dainty eater.

Q3: Is Nellie Nibbles friends with Melomelomew and Meowsy Wowsy?                   ねりーにぶるすは、めろめろみゅ~や、みゃうじーわうじーと おともだちですか?

A3: Yes, of course they are friends! But they don't really live in the same neighborhood.  It's Nellie that comes to visit them from time to time. Usually in the spring, with a basket full of spring veggies and colored chocolate eggs.

Q4: How do you play with Blythe dressed as animals?     
      きぐるみのこたちの あそびかたを おしえてください。

A4: It's adorable to play with Blythe as a bunny or a kitty. They are soft all over and very hug-able. Spring is the perfect time to take them out to the flower fields for a walk or a cup of tea at an outdoor cafe.

Q5: If you were to make another outfit for Nellie what would it be?   

A5: I would make something for her to wear over her furry body. Since it's spring, an apron and a bonnet, or an overall and a straw hat with flowers everywhere. In the winter I would knit her a sweater.

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