Friday, July 29, 2011

Our newest Middie "Milk and Honey" is coming soon!

Our newest little Middie Blythe "Milk and Honey" will be released soon! She's just so sweet and cute I couldn't keep these photos under wraps.

She will be released in August, so check back to for details!

近々、新しいミディブライス「Milk and Honey」が発売されます!

「Milk and Honey」の発売日は8月です。

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shh... Sneak Peek at the next CWC Exclusive Blythe!

We've been secretly working away at CWC on two new exciting collaborations.

What do we have in store for Fall? I'm pleased to present, our next collaboration with Japanese lolita fashion brand, BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT. Here is Neo Blythe "Hoshinonamida Hime". Her name translates to "Princess with tears of stars". Our new sweet lolita princess will warm your heart.



秋には何が待っているのでしょうか?今回、凄く楽しみなのがロリータファションを代表する、BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHTのコラボドールです。下の写真はBABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHTの「ホシノナミダヒメ」です、きっと皆様の心を温めると思います。

The next big collaboration is very exciting too! Manga legends CLAMP have worked with us to make a Neo Blythe "B2Holic" based from their smash hit manga and anime xxxHOLIC. Her designed is based on the character Yūko Ichihara from the xxxHOLIC story. She's exotic and mysterious!


These are the working sample designs, so there may be a few more changes before it's complete!

We haven't released the news yet on but please be sure to check back for the release date and more!

最終仕様ができ次第ニュースにあげますので、後日に でチェックして発売日や詳細を確認してくださいね!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kumagai Mami and Colokke

Kumagai Mami is one of the best actresses around in this country and Colokke is perhaps the most well known Comedians and impersonators here in Japan. I visited them back stage at the Meiji-za Theatre last night after an overwhelmingly excellent performance by the actors. I was blown away by the passion. Of course I cried and laughed throughout the play. The story was about Munakata Shikou, the printmaker that lived during the Showa Era. Amazing! And guess who was in Kumagai Mami's dressing room! Ten Happy Memories - Hope and Cherish.


物語は、板画家 棟方志功さんの半生を描いたものだったのだけど、とにかく素晴らし
かった!舞台裏にお邪魔したら、なんと、10 Happy MemoriesのHopeとCherishがいまし

Friday, July 15, 2011

10 Happy Memories Total Collection Book

Here's a sneek peak of the new 10 Happy Memories Total Collection book. I've been proof reading the final draft, and it's soon to be a reality. The upcoming book is a complete catalog of all Blythe dolls produced by CWC. The most comprehensive collection of the past ten years of hard work!

10 Happy Memories Total Collection本をちょっぴりご紹介しちゃいます!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Blythe on Tokyo FM Radio Show

Yesterday I introduced the 10th Anniversary dolls "10 Happy Memories", "Cherish Me Always", and "Birthday Party Surprise" on Tokyo FM. There is a large street level window where people can watch the broadcast live. Here I am with the hosts from Tokyo FM and with the special 10th Anniversary dolls!

先日、FM TOKYOにゲスト出演し、10周年アニバーサリードール「10 Happy Memories」、
「Cherish Me Always」, 「Birthday Wish Surprise」を紹介してきました!
写真はスタジオにて私とFM TOKYOのDJのお2人と10周年記念のドール達も一緒に!