Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Fabulous Metroplaza x Blythe Tea Party

Being on Facebook creates a lot of friends you never know if you will ever meet.  But today in Hong Kong I met many many of my friends and their beautiful Blythe.  What a day! An exhibition of over 70 Blythe dolls, 1.2 meter high replicas of some of our styles, like Sadie Sprinkle and Pickle Winkle decorated the center of the mall.  People were lined up to take photos with the replicas as well as the displayed dolls.

An opening ceremony took place with a special appearance by Karena a beautiful actress from HK. And then a tea party with no time to have tea because we were so busy meeting each other chatting and taking pictures.


At the end we lined up all the girls big and small for a group photo and posed! It was a great day for Blythe!


FINALE! The group photo with all the guests and their Blythe dolls!

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening event at tea party. The Metroplaza x Blythe Fashion Story exhibit will be on display until  September 1st. 

For more information visit Metroplaza's website: