Sunday, June 17, 2012

Salon de Junie Moon Opening Tea Party

July 16th will be the grand opening tea party for Salon de Junie Moon.  We are located in Osaka by Kyobashi station. The salon will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Our quaint space will hold workshops and will feature work by many different artists.  Some of the Junie Moon hosted exhibitions will travel to this space as well!

私たちのちょっと趣のあるスペースは、これからもワークショップを様々な先生方を迎えて行う予定です。代官山Junie Moonで行われている展覧会も巡回する予定もありますので、お楽しみに!!
This opening party and special salon is available only for Junie Moon members. Become a Junie Moon member at our shop in Daikanyama or by email.

オープニングパーティやサロンに来場するにはJunie Moon メンバーになるのが必須です。ぜひJunie Moonメンバーになってくださいね!

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