Monday, October 7, 2013

Usher in grand fashion with Royal Soliloquy

The CWC Exclusive Royal Soliloquy is coming soon. I love the dignity and integrity of her look. She is very regal and classy and super stylish.


We are challenging ourselves with her makeup. She has cat eye liner and gorgeous red hair that was dyed just for her. It's a brand new hair color. I can't really say it's just red. It's a kind of lusty, fire brick red. If there is even such a color.  The paper crown is a prop because in her story she is an actress. She has Radiance+ face mold that was created to replace the Radiance mold we used until now. I think she is beautiful and classic.


To commemorate the opening of our new LELE Junie Moon store in Parco we are going to take pre-orders for Royal on 0ct. 12.  This is for sure a collectible. It's to line up with all of the past CWC exclusives. The top of the line.

新しくオープンするLELE ジュニームーンパルコ店にて先行予約販売を10/12から始めます。絶対に皆さんのコレクションに加えてもらいたいです! これまでのCWC限定ドールたちと一緒に並べてみてね!もちろん最前列においてくださいね。

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