Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Botega Venetta x Blythe at Omotesando Hills

For years CWC held the annual Blythe Anniversary Charity event at Omotesando Hills. Great big billboards of Blythe graced the facade of this elegant high end shopping mall located smack in the center of Harajuku many times. Tonight I went there to see Blythe being used again, large and grand, in the window of Bottega Veneta, the world famous fashion brand known for their intricate and stylish design details and excellent workmanship. What an impact she is making. It was freezing cold tonight but every person who passed by stopped to look to take photos or just to give commentary about their impression about this great big model. One thing for sure, this window display is going down in Blythe history. Glad I got some photos!!

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful~!!!(♡´◡`♡)
    (and... Botega Venetta → Botteega Veneta :)