Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Say hello to Manon!

This is Manon. She came to CWC for a visit yesterday. She is one of
the CWC staff's toy poodle puppy. She was so soft and cuddly and made
our day at the office a joy!

マノンです! 昨日CWCに遊びにきてくれました! 彼女は、CWCのスタッフが飼っているトイプードルの子犬です。とってもふわふわしていて可愛い!!オフィスでの一日を楽しさいっぱいにしてくれました!!


  1. Oh Junko, Manon is like a great big teddy bear, how wonderful!

  2. Awww so sweet. I am looking to adopt a furry friend ( have you seen my facebook post?). I love this photo of you too. Love you K