Thursday, April 12, 2012

Updating the Spring Wardrobe

I went shopping at Junie Moon yesterday! Been a while since I bought new clothes for my girls. This outfit is by Happy Days by Yama Kei. The packaging is so beautiful and sweet.

Each lovely piece of the dress set was perfectly made. This sweet romantic style is going to look great for Spring!

昨日、ジュニームーンに買い物にいきました! ずっとうちの女の子たちにお洋服買っていなかったのです。このアウトフィットは、Happy Days by ヤマケイさんの作品です。パッケージの仕方もとっても可愛い!

Let's try it on! What a pretty and fresh look!
Next comes my favorite part... the photo shoot!


She looks ready for a cherry blossom picnic!

Have you gotten some new outfits for your Blythe dolls?
Looking for something unique and lovely?
Check out the Junie Moon online shop for special dress sets!

可愛くて斬新なデザインをお探しの方、ぜひジュニームーンのオンラインショップングサイトをみてくださいね! 可愛いドレスセットがたくさんありますよ!


  1. Pretty dress, not so sure about the hat though. Isn't it fun dressing your girls? I love giving mine a change of clothes, but not really great when it comes to photo shoots though.

  2. i'm really excited to take Baby Buttercup out for a photoshoot. hope she arrives soon from japan.

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous outfit! I'm a new 'Mother' to Blythe dolls and nobody warned me how addicting it is adopting them. I just ordered my 6th girl (Nostalgic Pop - I haven't named her yet) and foresee many more. Thank you for sharing your photos.