Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blythe at Le Perouse Bay

Le Perouse Bay is surrounded by a sea of lava rock that flowed from the dormant Volcano "Haleakala"  sometime in the 17th century.  The landscape is black, rocky,  and  immensely vast. It  made me feel vulnerable and humble in the hands of an unpredictable God.  The rocks are really sharp and the trail is narrow and winding. You can see the back of Haleakala to your left as you walk and the never ending ocean to the right with equally rough waves crashing down on the lava. After awhile we found a tiny beach surrounded by thorny kiawe trees and heard some goats.  Even the goats were black!  It was pretty apocalyptic. A perfect location to photograph this Blythe.

まだ火山活動をおこなっていた17世紀ごろに流れでた溶岩に囲まれたLe Perouse


  1. Wow!Rei Blythe!!Is she gonna be the coming comics collaboration doll after doronjo?

  2. great pictures! thanks for sharing with us