Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Midnight Spell My Cinderella わたしのシンデレラ、ミッドナイトスペル 우리들의 신데렐라, 미드나이트스펠

My favorite Disney Movie is Sleeping Beauty. It scared me so much! Especially the scenes where the Prince fight evil. However, the other Disney movie I love is Cinderella and Midnight Spell is our Cinderella. We made the crown special for her. It's made so that you can paint it yourself, or add rhinestones and customize the crown for her. The illustration on the package was made by a finalist of the Chance Ten Competition for Illustrators that is held every two years. Her name is Yuri Hanashima.
We are having a Cinderella exhibition at Junie Moon now. With a carriage and a castle and all!

ただ今代官山Junie Moonでは、ミッドナイトスペルの発売を記念して「シンデレラ」がテーマの展覧会を開催しています。みんな遊びにきてね!

디즈니 영화 중에 제일 좋아하는 것은 신데렐라! 로맨틱하지만 몹시 아슬아슬인 씬도 있어 더욱더 매료되는 것 같아요. 특히 왕자님이 등장하는 씬이 젤 두근두근!
현재 발매중의 네오 브라이스 「미드나이트 스펠」은 저희들이 만들어 낸 신데렐라입니다. 그녀가 하고 있는 티아라는 특별히 형을 만들어 제작하였답니다. 페인트를 칠하거나 라인스톤을 붙여 쁘띠 커스텀 해 봐도 재미있겠죠!
패키지의 멋진 일러스트는 CWC가 주최하고 있을 찬스전의 결승 출전자의 한 작가분으로 LeLe에서도 이전 개인전을 연 하나시마 유리씨가 그려주셨습니다.
지금 다이칸야마 Junie Moon에서는 미드나이트 스펠의 발매를 기념해 「신데렐라」가 테마의 전람회를 개최하고 있으니 놀러 오세요!


  1. Mrs Junko, I was wondering if she is the doll for 2010 you normally do holiday (christmas) themed, like Angelica Eve, Frosty Frock and Ice Rune...? or If the holiday Blythe will be shown more close to the end of the year...?
    I really like MNS! her beauty and outfit are so classic!!

  2. I like the idea of customize the crown!!! And Iove her special lashes too!!
    Just a comment: is there any scene of the prince against evil in Cinderella??? I didn't remember it...^__^

  3. oops, thats sleeping beauty. My favorite scene in Sleeping Beauty is the fight in the dark forest. haha For Cinderella - I like the flight down the stairs! I'm funny.

  4. LOL... There was something really scary about that film: the Wicked Stepmother's hairdo... LOL

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  6. Oh, Disney!

    Great source of inspiration... yeah!