Friday, October 1, 2010

ukulele & pupu o Niihau

The shells Manu is wearing is a rare shell from the island of Niihau. I strung the shells together to make her a necklace.


니이하우섬에서 나는 희귀한 조개 껍질로 만든 악세사리가 매우 어울리는 마누짱.
그녀를 위해 모은 조개를 엮어 목걸이를 만들었어요


  1. Lovely tiny shells, perfect for dolls!

  2. OH!!
    She is Sooooooooooooo lovely~:D
    I like Manu~!

  3. Manu is lovely! I like the necklace that you made for her with the tiny shells, it´s so cute.

    I think the best of this doll is her outfit, I like it sooo much! ^_^

  4. My Manu arrived today and I do love her to the utmost. Her hair is even thicker than mine (and that's a lot to say) her skin colour is great, far better than HS was and chips are just perfect.

    Thanks for improving in quality, although I thought she was expensive at first now that I see her I'm so happy with my purchase. Just hope you put the same effort in quality for the next girls to come as this one is just GREAT. Sorry, but I can't find a better word by the way ^^

    Oh, and I love your Manu, hope I could go and pick some shells like yours by myself anytime :)

    We (Blythe collectors) may be hard when expressing our dislikes but some of us also recognize good job when we see it and Manuheali is one of the kind!

  5. Every girls got to have a shell necklace!

  6. aww!! I want Manu so badly , she´s gorgeous

  7. I have never commented here before but I just have to say this: Manu is simply stunningly beautiful. I cannot stop staring at her. I carry her around all the time at home. She is a very special and precious girl. Thank you so much for bringing her to us!

  8. she does look very pretty!!