Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Dark Beauty ダークビューティ 다크 뷰티

I am in Hawaii today. I visited my favorite and all Hawaii's favorite fashion brand, Manuheali'i. On a secret mission. Actually to confirm and push forward a dark beauty that is coming our way at last.


전 지금 하와이에 와있어요. 하와이안 이라면 모든이가 사랑하는(저를 포함해 ㅎㅎ) 하와이 로컬 패션 브랜드 Manuheali'i (마누헤알이)와 극비의 회의중.... 다크뷰티가 탄생할 날이 가까워졌는지도 호호호호


  1. Is it "simply chocolate" please please please tell me its simply chocolate! :)

  2. Please tell us is Simply Chocolate! :D, hope you spend such a great time there in Hawaii!!!!

  3. Ohhh you mean that the hawaiian girl is the "dark beauty"
    She's very cute but we are waiting for a really dark beauty!! :D
    Hope Chocolate will do ^w^

  4. This face is the darkest we have. It is as dark as Roxy and that is the darkest we have ever made.

  5. Is it he darkest you have to date? Roxy is a lovely complexion and so is HS ( I have both) but i had my hopes up Simply chocolate was going to be a wee tad darker??? Say it is so....