Friday, August 27, 2010

Very Good Very Vicky ベリーヴィッキーはベリーグッド!

Victoria is the name of the Queen of England around 1860. Everyone knows how much I love Hawai'i so why do you think Victoria has anything to do with Hawai'i? Well she was best friends with Queen Emma wife of King Kamehameha IV. Its a long beautiful story about a woman who made sure her people were protected from the evils of modernization. Anyway, Vicky - our Very Vicky is good. I love her mole. Her hat is adorable on her but please do not soak it in water. Someone did and it got mushy and the color ran. So, this is a warning. Do not soak Very Vicky's hat in water.
Just let her wear it on a clear day.



  1. For the expensive price they cost and lack of imaginative new models, the clothes and the accesories should be of better quality.

  2. Thank you Mary. I appreciate your criticism. We will work harder to achieve better quality and execute better ideas into each product. We have been working on a new product the past year and it will be out soon.

  3. That's good news and we're eager to find out the new dolls. By the way, why Takara insists in still produce the orange eyechips? Dolls customizers have always to disposal them or to pain. We would like a more useful color.

    Thank again anyway.

  4. I just have to say, in most dolls I love the orange eyechips. Plus, they are classic Blythe, straight from the Kenners!

    I must say though that I have found Takara Blythe quality is slipping a bit, notably very crooked makeup (Lilac and Peppermint) and very loose, poor quality thatching on the hair (pretty much all the dolls in the last year). It would be nice to see these issues resolved, as it makes me hesitant to spend my hard-earned money on Blythe :(

  5. I will be sure to share your thoughts with Takara Tomy. As for the orange eye chips, the default dolls are using the original Kenner colors. Everyone has a say in what they prefer as long as the comments are reasonable. Some people like the orange some don't. By the way, if you paint your orange chips with a light purple it will turn brownish. It will get a hazel look. So don't throw them away, try painting them.

  6. I love the orange chips and I love stock Blythe. Simply Mango and Guava are two of my absolute favorites! :)

    Vicky has a really interesting story. I can't wait to find out what the new releases will be!

  7. Orange chips is a MUST for me as I like MOD themed pictures. Please do not remove them/

    Also all of my girls are stock and not into customizing. I am the leader of the group Blythe Doll- I love you just the way you are.

    Very sweet, heartwarming story that lead to the creation of Very Vicky. Thanks for sharing/

    More Power and Cheers/

  8. 베리빅키가 영국소녀였군요~^^
    빅토리아여왕과 엠마여왕에 대해 찾아보려구요~

  9. dear Junko,
    i really like your apply to these comments,
    hope we get to see more special FBL coming!

  10. I am so happy that you like the fairest. If you look at her for a long time, you can see she is unique. To make the mold for her face took about a year. We take a long time to finish each development step. We have been working on a completely new project for over 2 years for Blythe that will surprise everyone.

  11. i love very vicky♥
    i want take it~!