Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saki plays with Vicky 早紀ちゃんとヴィッキー! 사키씨와 베리비키!

Saki came over and played with Vicky. She made an apron for her, and did her hair and took some photos. Vicky is a fairest so she has her own look. I wonder if anyone customized her yet. Curious to see what she can look like in the magical hands of charismatic Blythe fans.


사키씨가 베리비키랑 함께 즐거운 시간을 보낸 듯 하네요. 베리비키의 옷에 앞치마와 귀여운 장식을 더하고 헤어스타일까지 완벽한 완성!! 비키는 페어 레스트예요. 역시 라디엔스랑은 또 다른 느낌이죠! 그러고 보니 페어 레스트를 커스텀 한 분이 계시던가?? 커스텀 작가들에 마법의 손을 거쳐 어떤 느낌으로 변신 할지 기대되네요!!


  1. I love her so much! Saki did a great job on her dress! Love it!, can't wait to see mine Very Vicky arrive!!!

  2. She has a unique look to her don't you think? fairest..

  3. Indeed! She will be my first FBL girl! :). For me she looks like Bloomy but with long hair. <3

  4. I love your blog!You got a new follower!!
    kind regards,

  5. I like this outfit because there is a lot you can do to make it your own without having to sew a completely new outfit. Oooo, I hope I am not sounding lazy...