Thursday, November 24, 2011

Meeting Friends in Osaka

I visited CWC's Osaka show room this week. The showroom features the CWC licensed goods from our wide variety of amazing artists like Jeffrey Fulvimari, Maskai Ryo, and of course, Blythe! It was a wonderful trip, and I met charisma Blythe artist Miyuki Odani.

You may remember Miyuki Odani from her work with Team ALFORT. We've also had many successful exhibitions of her custom Blythe dolls at Junie Moon.

We collaborated with Odani for some Blythe goods, too!

オダニミユキさんは、ALFORTのチームの一員としても知られています。それに、ショップJunie Moonや、Lele Junie Moonでは、オダニさんがつくった素晴らしいカスタムドールの展示・販売などもさせて頂いています。

Miyuki Odani's photography and custom styling for
Blythe Licensed Goods


I love her sweet and unique style! Check out all of the collaboration design "Fashionista Molly & Nelly" at our Junie Moon online shopping!

私は、彼女のスウィートでユニークなスタイルが大好きです!コラボレーションしたグッズのシリーズ、「ファッショニスタ モリー&ネリー」ジュニームーンのオンラインショッピングサイトで見てくださいね!

What a great trip!


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  1. Thanks for sharing all the links, I enjoyed them so much Junko. Would be great if CWCTOKYO blog had a translation bar though.