Monday, December 5, 2011

Have a Blythe X'mas at LELE Junie Moon

I stopped by Shinjuku to our second shop, LELE Junie Moon this weekend. You may know, LELE Junie Moon not only carries Blythe dolls, but we focus on handmade goods by Japanese artists. There are a variety of gorgeous and whimsical accessories for you!

週末に、私たちの2つ目のショップのLELE Junie Moon に立ち寄りました。皆さん知っ
ていると思うけど、LELE Junie Moonは、ブライスドールだけじゃなきて、日本人のアー

Each month we have a special customized Blythe window. This month is Christmas themed and we received an amazing array of adorable little Middie Blythe Angels!


Our LELE Christmas tree is covered with handmade ornaments and decorations for the holiday season. Here is a soft ruffly wreath and some adorable handmade teddy bears. The teddy bears are so popular right now, they are made by Japanese artist Kumanta.

LELE クリスマスツリーは、クリスマスホリディに向けて手作りのオーナメントがたくさん

Have you thought about your holiday shopping? How about giving handmade goods to your friends and family?

もうクリスマスギフトは考えましたか お友達や家族に手作りの作品をプレゼントす

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