Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Blythe Collection Guide Book is finally here!

The wait is finally over! After over a year's worth of work our "Blythe Collection Guide Book" is here! I'm so excited to share this book with you all.

待ちに待った本が出来上がりました! 一年以上かけた私たちの愛と仕事の結晶「ブライスコレクションガイドブック」がついに届きました! 皆さんにこの本をご紹介できる日を待ち望んでいました!!!

In honor of Blythe's 10th anniversary, we set out to create the definitive guide book for all Blythe enthusiasts. I walk you though the design process from initial inspiration and first sketches to the changes we made during product of Blythe. It includes details for the evolution of the Blythe face and body changes throughout the years.


Not only is this a great reference book, it's fun to look at! I love bright photos and innovative graphic design.


I hope everyone enjoys this book, and enjoy your trip down memory lane with Blythe!


“Blythe Collection Guide Book”
Now available from Junie Moon online shopping!


  1. This is really wonderful Junko! I bet it truly is a trip down memory lane for all of you at CWC <3

  2. Can hardly wait for mine to arrive!!!

  3. This is a totally must have if you love blythe dolls! Thank you for putting this together!