Friday, May 4, 2012

Miyuki Odani Workshop Report

We were happy to host another successful and fun workshop with Miyuki Odani. Participants were able to make a Crown Bear one piece dress, decorate rosette, pointy hat and socks.

Four Margo Unique Girl Blythe dolls came to the Salon de Junie Moon workshop weekend! Miyuki prepared the one piece dress before the start of the workshop, so the fans were able to have fun decorating the dresses with rosettes and beads!
There is a tiny difference in the way each person decorated their dresses.
It was a wonderful time!
For more information on future workshops at Junie Moon and Salon de Junie Moon please check out our website!

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  1. What gorgeous dresses! The beaded straps for a fantastic idea. I just came back from the fabric store with some cute fabric to make my 'girls' some new duds. Thank you so much for your generous posts and great photos!