Thursday, May 31, 2012

We love Jeffrey

We love Jeffrey Fulvimari. His fresh and bright illustrations create a world all of us wish we could be a part of. Jeffrey has a very strong and devote fan base here in Japan. His brings out so many people to watch him at live painting or signing events.

ジェフリー・フルビマーリ大好き! 彼の描くイラストは常に新鮮で明るくて、私もその中にはいりたーいと思うような世界観を表現しています。そんなジェフリーには、日本にもたくさんのファンがいますよね。ライブペインティングやサイン会などでも大人気のジェフリー。

We just received a new stock of Jeffery's fine leather goods at Junie Moon. I love the quality of these wallets. The printing preserves the original brush work and detail of his illustrations. This kind of quality is rare to find and we are over joyed to work with Fukushiro and Jeffrey for these amazing pieces of daily art. I have five wallets myself!


Take a moment to check out Jeffrey's wallets, bags and stationary goods! You deserve to bring positive art into your life!


Jeffrey will be coming to Japan in Fall of 2012, we can't wait to see him again!


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