Monday, May 7, 2012

Momolita x Leo "Midnight Circus" Exhibition

Momolita 様
Leonidas 様
We have two special charisma doll artists having a joint show at Junie Moon this month! You all remember the wonderful and talented artists Momolita and Leonidas from Poupée Mecanique. Come see their beautiful collaboration exhibition "Midnight Circus". The dark and theatrical Blythe dolls will welcome you into their magical world!

皆さんご存知の、「momolita」さんと、Poupée Mecaniqueから「レオニダス」さんで
てくださいね!! ジュニームーンがいつもとちょっと雰囲気が違う、不思議な空間に
The exhibition will be on from 5/8 - 6/3/2012 at Junie Moon Daikanyama.

Also, Leonidas will have a special workshop featuring his brand Poupée Mecanique  at Junie Moon from 5/12. Space is limited to 6 people, please get your registration in early! Leo has traveled all the way to Japan for this exhibition and workshop.

そして、レオニダスさんが、彼のブランドであるPoupée Mecaniqueをフィーチャーし

*Workshop information here* 
* ワークショップについてはこちら *

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  1. How fabulous! I wish I could see the exhibit or attend the workshop. it sounds pretty darn amazing!

    A bit off topic and I hope you don't mind me asking, but are there any plans for some more Middie releases in the future? I love them. :] They're adorable.