Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saki Yamashita "Usaron" Workshop at Salon de Junie Moon

Usaron workshop details.
It's a joy to share with you, the Saki Yamashita "Usaron" workshop.

For those who are not familiar with Saki's wonderful cute creation, Usaron is a sweet and funny bunny with the essence of vintage flair and the soul of all things kawaii! The Usaron name comes from the Japanese word for "rabbit", Usagi and "ron" for the apron she always wears.

Saki Yamashitaの素晴らしいキャラクター、ウサロンを知らない方、ウサロンって、とてもスウィートで面白いうさぎなんです。ちょっとヴィンテージぽくて、”かわいい”エッセンスがいっぱい!ウサロンの名前は、もちろん、うさぎの「うさ」と彼女がいつも着けているエプロンの「ロン」。知ってた?

Usaron is one of our favorite characters because she lives in a sweet land and bakes cupcakes and treats for her friends!

Saki held the "Usaron" workshop at Salon de Junie Moon in Osaka, and everyone had a blast!
A lovely bunch of Usaron, Dreamy Bunny and Blythe!

Usaron all lined up and ready to play!
Saki gave a workshop at the Salon de Junie Moon in Osaka and everyone, believe me, had a blast! Be sure to remember the name "Usaron" (pronounced: U-Sa-Ron).

We have something in the works for this sweet and sassy bunny soon! Stay tuned!


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