Monday, May 14, 2012

CWC Artist in New York

While in New York I was able to meet with many of the CWC artists

Stina Persson came to the CWC-i office, where we were exhibiting a selection of her work. See more of Stina's work on her CWC portfolio page.



Stina with myself and the CWC Tokyo and CWC-i staff.

©2012 Stina Persson- cwctokyo

Lisa Grue traveled from Denmark. She's working on many new, exciting projects. See more of Lisa's work at her CWC Portfolio page.


Lisa Grue shows some new work. 
©2012 Lisa Grue- cwctokyo

We had a wonderful lunch with Kenzo Minami. His graphic and bold designs very inspiring. See more of Kenzo's work at his CWC Portfolio page.


Kenzo Minami and myself.
©2012 Kenzo Minami- cwctokyo
Samantha Hahn came to our CWC-i office to show portfolio work.
To see more of Samantha's work, see her CWC Portfolio page.


Samantha Hahn with her fashion illustration.
©2012 Samantha Hahn- cwctokyo
Thank you to all of the artists who made time to reconnect. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful roster of creative artists.

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