Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blythe Goes to College! ブライス、大学へ通うの巻! 브라이스 대학가다!

Did you know that Blythe goes to college here in Japan? Check out her blog. It's all in Japanese though but so cute. She is a sociology major. The name of the University is Kinki University (no...not kinky - Kinki means Southwest in Japanese and is located in Osaka). It is a very respected university with an amazing school of medicine and also engineering. check out her blog!


여러분 브라이스가 일본에서 대학을 다니고 있는 사실 알고 계신가요?? 긴키대학의 종합사회학부 전공 하고 있답니다. 사진을 클릭하면 그녀의 블로그 체크 할 수 있으니 클릭해 보세요~

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