Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hair Do for You ヘアスタイルをチェンジ♪ 헤어스타일체인지!!

Nostalgic Pop's hair has been bugging me. It keep calling me over to do something.
Her hair is so thick with such gorgeous luster, I wanted to just keep it down. But today I broke down and started to plait her hair and gave her a simple up do. I brought my little bag of tricks to work and put her hair up before starting the day. She's one of those girls that make you feel shy because she's so pretty.


노스탈직팝의 헤어스타일은 왠지 보면 볼수록 스타일링 해주고 싶어지는건...
머리숱이 많고 찰라찰랑 거리니 그냥 긴 생머리로 늘어트리는 스타일이 어울릴까라고 생각 했었지만 오늘은 .스타일링을 해 봤어요!! 먼저 머리를 땋아 올린 다음 동그랗게 말아 올렸어요. 집에서 헤어 스타일링을 위해 도구까지 챙겨왔답니다. 노스탈직팝은 예쁘고 귀여워서 계속 보고 있으면 어쩐지 수줍어져요...


  1. That is such a cute hairdo, it looks perfect for her!

  2. Oh its so beautiful, she looks amazing! I'm glad to see you have this lovely blog, I look forward to following you and your Blythes :D