Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Christmas! at Hysteric Mini! ヒステリックミニではもうクリスマス! 히스테릭미니는 벌써 크리스마스예요!

I went to the Hysteric Mini Autumn Winter Collection exhibit and it was Halloween and around the corner from Halloween it was Christmas! My youngest son used to wear Hys Mini when he was little. We've known them for 20 years! It's their 25th anniversary this year.


몇일 전 히스테릭미니의 가을,겨울 컬렉션을 보고 왔습니다! 할로윈 테마의 전시 옆에는 크리스마스♪ 제 둘째 아들에게 어린 시절 히스미니를 입히곤 했었답니다. 벌써 20년 전일이네요. 올해 히스미니씨는 25주년를 맞이 한다고 하네요!

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